My name is John and I'm the president of Collierville Ski Club, here in the Memphis area.  We are a private ski club, located on Holmes Rd. at Center Hill Rd.  Our club contains a great group of individuals who have a passion for the sport and for giving back.

We have two lease contracts which contain the two lakes where we ski. The lakes are a world class private site and we regulate the rules. At the end of each year, we make a sizable donation to charity. This is one of the conditions of our lease.

We host ski clinics, tournaments, and special functions in the Memphis area.  Our members are encouraged and expected to participate in some way.

Members strive to ski with each other within the club membership.  Levels of skiing ability range from just learning the course to very advanced.  We are a traditional 3 event ski club - slalom, trick, and jump with the main focus on slalom.

One of the most common questions asked is: "do I need a boat?" No, in April 2012 the club purchased a 2011 Ski Nautique. We have upgraded a few times and the club boat is located on the club lift and dock on the West Lake. This boat is available to all club members in good standing. For inexperienced boat drivers there will be an assessment/test before the boat can be driven by them, but all members in good standing can ski behind it without restrictions, as long as they provide fuel/gas for their sets.

Several people who inquire about our club ask if wakeboarding is allowed. Yes it is; however, wake board boats and enhanced wake devices are not allowed. If you are a wake boarder we apologize for not being totally open to this sport, but the increased amount of wake that is created is very damaging to the shoreline and this creates a large expense to our club. All forms of water-ski activities are welcome, but must be done behind a traditional 3 event approved inboard boat.

If you have any questions or you would like to visit the lake, you may contact me at (Info@ColliervilleSkiClub.com), I look forward to hearing from you.

See you on the water,