Seth Stisher Clinic – 2017

Just another day at the office for Seth.  Come get trained from one of the country’s best coaches.

Seth will be at our site June 10-11, 2017 from 8a-5p coaching 1/2 hour sets. Cost is $125 per set.

Contact Jerry Moran for more details.  901-651-0424


Seth Stisher, owner of Seth Stisher’s Water Ski Training Center at Oz, has been coaching slalom since 1994 and has been doing traveling clinics since 1998. His philosophy of waterskiing centers around teaching you the best technique and training methods based on what you already know while maintaining a relaxed, enjoyable coaching/learning environment. His lifetime involvement in the sport and in the industry is due to an intense passion for waterskiing and gratitude for all that the sport has done for him. He is a student of the sport as well as a coach and trainer.